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Here's the roundup of this year's High Holiday events. Click on any of them or scroll down for more details.


End of Summer Shabbat Dinner
Friday, August 25th

Challah Baking!
Thursday, September 7th

Is G‑d Angry? - Special Class
Monday September 11th

Rosh Hashanah Shofar at Ravinia Green Country Club
Sunday, September 17th

Full Rosh Hashanah Services
September 17th & 18th

Yom Kippur Services at the Hilton Northbrook
September 24th & 25th

Sukkot Shabbat Dinner
Friday, September 29th

Sukkot Family BBQ
Tuesday, October 3rd

Simchat Torah Celebration
Shabbat, October 7th

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End of Summer Shabbat Dinner
Friday, August 25th, 7:00 PM

Savor the summer spirit as you enjoy a delicious Shabbat dinner with family, friends and community surrounded by Riverwoods' beautiful woods. We’ll get started at 7:00 PM at 1335 Saunders Road in Riverwoods. RSVP HERE.


Women's Challah Baking!
Thursday, September 7th, 6:00 PM

A treasured tradition of Jewish women, Challah baking is full of meaning, symbolism, as well as fun and friendship! The warmth & beauty of baking one's own Challah is also representative of the blessings of health, happiness, and prosperity which we hope and pray for this Rosh Hashanah.

Challah baking will take place in the beautiful garden at 1335 Saunders Road in Riverwoods, along with delicious kosher refreshments, spirited camaraderie & High Holiday inspiration. 

Enjoy a Jewish Girls Night Out


Is G‑d Angry?
Pre-Holiday Class
Monday, September 11th, 7:30 PM

Why is so much of the High Holiday liturgy about repentance, forgiveness, and begging G‑d for acceptance? Are we afraid of something? Is G‑d angry and vengeful?

Discover an enriching and uplifting perspective on the High Holidays, their prayers and their message at this special discussion. And don't forget to bring your questions along!

This is a hybrid class! Join virtually on zoom here or enjoy in-person along with great company and delicious kosher sushi at 20550 Saunders Road in Riverwoods. (Please contact us here to RSVP or for the zoom link.)


Brief Shofar Service at
Ravinia Green Country Club

Sunday, September 17th, 5:30 PM

The sounding of the shofar, representing the pure and -unadulterated call of the soul, is the high point of Rosh Hashanah. This Shofar service will take place on the breathtaking grounds of Ravinia golf course and will pack in all the meaning & inspiration into a brief session.

Shofar will be followed by Kiddush & holiday refreshments and we'll conclude with the special "Tashlich" waterside prayer.

You are most welcome, no need for membership or affiliation, at Ravinia Green, 1200 Saunders Road in Riverwoods. RSVP HERE


Full Traditional High Holiday Services

The Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur prayers are full of meaning, hope, and good resolve going into the new year. We invite you to experience these prayers with us in a welcoming atmosphere.

Prayer books will be provided in both Hebrew & English, and although the service will follow the complete traditional format beginners should not fear! Prayers will be accompanied by running guidance & commentary to ensure everyone can  fully participate in the reading and appreciate their message.

Rosh Hashanah Services will take place in Riverwoods on Shabbat, September 16th & Sunday Sept 17th . Prayers begin at 10:00 AM on both days and Shofar sounding will take place at approximately 12:30 PM.

Yom Kippur Services will take place at the Hilton Northbrook at 2855 Milwaukee Ave on September 24th & 25th. Kol Nidrei opening prayers begin at 6:15 PM, Shacharit morning service begins at 9:00 AM and the Mincha/Neila closing prayer will begin at 5:00 PM.

There is no charge for any prayer service, please register here for Yom Kippur at the Hilton.

Sukkot Shabbat Dinner
Friday, September 29th, 6:30 PM

The monthly community Shabbat dinner, already a Riverwoods legend, will be extra special in the Sukkah! Celebrate the holiday and Shabbat with delicious dinner, great company, and all the right blessings in a joyful holiday spirit.

See you at the Sukkah at 1335 Saunders Road in Riverwoods! RSVP HERE


Sukkot Family BBQ
Tuesday, October 3rd, 5:30 PM

Celebrate this especially happy holiday, plus get your chance for the Sukkah and Lulav-Etrog blessings, at this memorable family BBQ. Young and old will enjoy dinner on the grill, outdoor games and activities, and discover Sukkot’s message in a wonderful atmosphere.

We’ll be grilling right outside the Sukkah at 1335 Saunders Road in Riverwoods! RSVP HERE 


Simchat Torah Celebration
Shabbat, October 7th, 7:00 PM

The happiest night of the year! On Simchat Torah we dance with the Torah Scrolls, celebrating our special connection with the Torah and the joy of our tradition.

Join us for the brief holiday prayer, festive dinner and Torah dances - including a special children's dance. The party's at 20550 Saunders Road in Riverwoods. Contact us here to RSVP.


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