Mezuzah Drive

The Torah instructs us to affix mezuzahs on our doorposts to remind us, as we come and go, of our constant connection to G‑d. Traditionally the Mezuzah also symbolizes G‑d’s watchful care over our homes, our families and every aspect of our lives. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Mezuzah is not the outer container, decorative as it may be. The Mezuzah is actually the parchment scroll inside the container, on which the "Shema" is handwritten by an expert scribe.

A genuine Mezuzah scroll, consisting of parchment and raised ink, is susceptible to wear and tear. Adverse weather conditions, folding, age and other factors can cause letters to crack or fade, rendering the Mezuzah invalid. Regularly checking Mezuzahs is therefore critical to upholding this cherished tradition. Mezuzahs should be checked by a sofer (certified scribe) at least twice every seven years and preferably more often. This applies to all Mezuzahs but especially those affixed outdoors, due to their vulnerability to inclement weather.

Additionally, many of the Mezuzahs in the marketplace today are improperly written or otherwise fraudulent. This presents further cause for having Mezuzahs checked by a trustworthy expert scribe who can ascertain their validity.

Chabad's Mezuzah Drive can help get your Mezuzahs checked. We will pick up your Mezuzahs, have them thoroughly examined by an expert scribe and properly re-affix them to your doorposts. Simply fill out this form to request an appointment or contact us for further information.

Don't yet have Mezuzahs? Chabad can help obtain and properly affix genuine Mezuzahs, just let us know when scheduling your appointment.

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